beet, burrata & basil baguette

oh my gosh. this sandwich is so good! it is made with a fresh, toasted baguette and layered with a thick spread of my avocado-yogurt, thick-sliced pickled beets, chunks of creamy burrata, freshly chopped basil and topped off with a handful of peppery arugula.

you could slice this baby into hand-held sandwiches as an appetizer or make 4 large sandwiches as the main meal. pair it alongside a light salad and/or my gazpacho!

beet, burrata & basil baguette

yields: 4 sandwiches prep time: 20 minutes


½ cup avocado-yogurt spread

2 [6 oz.] baguettes

3 large beets, roasted, sliced + pickled [recipe]

1 [8 oz.] container of burrata

10 fresh freshly chopped basil leaves

2 handfuls of arugula


Preheat the oven to 375°.

Slice the baguettes in half lengthwise and lay the halves onto a large baking sheet.

Bake the bread for 4 minutes on each side, just to heat them up!

Spread ¼ cup of the avocado-yogurt spread onto the 2 top halves of bread.

Tear the burrata and lay it evenly over the 2 bottom halves of bread. Layer the slices of pickled beets on top of the burrata.

Top the slices of beets with the freshly chopped basil and then the handfuls of arugula.

Replace the top halves of the bread and cut each baguette in half, making 4 sandwiches total.

avocado-yogurt spread

yields: approximately 1 cup prep time: 5 minutes


½ large avocado, mashed

½ cup plain greek yogurt

½ Tbsp. honey

1 Tbsp. lemon juice

½ tsp. kosher salt

freshly ground black pepper


In a small bowl, whisk together all of the ingredients until combined.

Refrigerate in an airtight container [I like to use mason jars] for up to 2 weeks.


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