sloppy breakfast [#2]

welcome to part II of my Round 2 Recipes! it transforms my philly-style sloppy joe recipe into an incredibly hearty and delicious breakfast option. it only takes 4 ingredients [including the sloppy joe mixture] the other 3 are ingredients that I like to keep in my fridge for occasions like this!

1. cooked quinoa >> you can throw into just about any dish [soup, salad, eggs, etc.] to get some added protein and make the dish that much more filling.

2. leafy greens >> arugula and/or spinach brightens and lightens up any dish and provides tons of nutrients.

3. eggs >> over-easy eggs and soft-boiled [jammy] eggs not only add protein, but also provide somewhat of a creamy dressing from breaking open the yolks.

to make a quick and runny over-easy egg >> crack the eggs [or egg + egg white] into a lightly-greased sauté pan over medium heat. once the egg white begin to bubble & turn white, pour about 1 Tbsp. of water into the pan and place a lid onto the pan. let it cook for a couple of minutes, until the egg whites have cooked and the yolk is still jiggly. you can find my recipe for the perfectly cooked jammy egg under 'related posts'

sloppy breakfast

yields: 1 serving cook time: 10 minutes


¼ cup philly-style sloppy joe mixture

½ cup cooked quinoa

handful of arugula

2 eggs - 1 full egg + 1 egg white

flakey salt & freshly ground black pepper


heat up the sloppy joe mixture either in a large sauté pan.

add the cooked quinoa to the sloppy joe mixture and stir.

place a handful of arugula in the bottom of a bowl and spoon the quinoa/meat mixture over the top.

cook the eggs over easy and slide them on top of the bowl.

season with salt & pepper and crack the yolk before eating!


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