italian [keto] roll-ups

these roll-ups are the perfect low-carb lunch; they are easy to make and perfect for the road. they consist of all of the traditional italian sub sandwich fixin's - minus the bread!

as most of my recipes, you can switch up the ingredients any way that you would like: --

meat - ham, salami, turkey, a combination or any lunch meat

cheese - muenster, provolone, swiss or any sliced cheese

toppings: banana peppers, lettuce, bell peppers, [pickled] onions, cucumbers, etc.

dressing: yellow mustard, mayo, italian dressing -- add these inside the roll-ups or dip them in!

italian [keto] roll-ups

yields: 1 servings-3 rolls

prep time: 10 minutes


6 slices of honey-maple turkey, thinly sliced

3 slices of muenster cheese

6 thin slices of red bell bells

6 rings of banana peppers

iceberg lettuce

pickled red onions

yellow mustard

itlalian dressing, for dipping


Divide the turkey into 3 sets of 2 slices.

Lay each set of 2 slices on a flat surface.

Lay a slice of muenster cheese towards the top of each set of turkey slices.

Layer 2 slices of red bell pepper, 2 banana pepper rings, some lettuce and mustard in the center of the slice of cheese.

Roll the sandwiches up starting from the top half where all of the toppings are.

Secure the roll-ups with a toothpick and serve!

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