melon + prosciutto + mozzarella skewers

I am unfortunately moving out of the Ferndale area, but the saddest part? I won’t be right down the street from one of my most favorite restaurants – Voyager. as we near the impending moving date, I am trying to go as much as possible! my most recent visit was this past Friday when I got to try one of their newer dishes [pictured below for your enjoyment]

Melon & Burrata – shaved cantaloupe, pillows of burrata and salty prosciutto layered overtop thick slices of tomato topped with freshly cracked black pepper and a drizzle of olive oil from Voyager

this recipe is my attempt to recreate their brilliance in handheld form. you will need a melon baller [I own this one here, which can be found on Amazon for $9.99] to scoop out little balls from the cantaloupe, mozzarella balls and prosciutto. a drizzle of my Pistachio + Parsley Pesto is optional; however, highly encouraged.

melon + prosciutto + mozzarella skewers

yields: 16 skewers prep time: 20 minutes


1 [8 oz.] container of ciliegine mozzarella

1 [3 oz.] package prosciutto

16 balls of cantaloupe

16 long toothpicks or mini skewers

my Pistachio + Parsley Pesto, for drizzling

balsamic glaze, for drizzling

bon Salt, natural

freshly cracked black pepper


Slice the cantaloupe in half and remove the seeds.

Using a melon baller, create as many cantaloupe balls as you have mozzarella balls.

Take each slice of prosciutto and cut it into quarters.

Assemble the skewers using a ball of mozzarella, a ball of cantaloupe and a rolled-up piece of prosciutto on each skewer.

*place the prosciutto in between the 2 balls to ensure that it stays on the skewer

Arrange the skewers on a serving platter and season with flake salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Drizzle some pesto and balsamic glaze over the tops and serve chilled!

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